Custom Hair

Pauline’s Hair custom Remy hair wigs, extensions, and weaves are handcrafted meticulously, intelligently designed for a 100% natural look. Are you trying to class up the joint, or are you ready to go buck wild? We have styles that can delight any trend-setter or understated sensibility alike.

Pauline’s boasts the most extensive collection -- all made with 100% Remy virgin hair. What’s that mean to you? Remy equals the highest quality available. We use Indian hair donated from actual human beings with the hair genetics that can achieve a variety of styles, colors, textures, curl, and wave patterns.

Put Pauline’s Hair in an up-do or a high pony -- nothing is off the table. Doesn’t matter what the volume is that you want to achieve, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly -- we got you!

Quality Products and Industry Know-How

Seems like beauty trends can shift over night, which is why we’re constantly upping our game when it comes to knowledge and best industry practices. We make stellar products and give clear instruction when it comes to ways to get the most out of your custom hair wigs, weaves, and Remy hair extensions.

Pauline’s Promise

Pauline’s Hair has a firm belief that by providing quality 100% Remy custom hair, we can do away with fleeting trends of processed hair wigs and extensions. We deeply respect our clients and consumers in general, and we know that people are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to custom hair quality, less and less willing to pay their hard earned duckets for defective products.

So what’s success to us? Success is making a good product and creating great experiences -- both on the customer service side and after you’ve received your custom human hair. We also offer comprehensive maintenance instruction for boosting your custom hair longevity.

But What Exactly is Non-Remy Custom Hair?

Think of Remy hair as the real deal -- because it is. Remy is, in fact, the only type of hair that doesn’t undergo any type of harsh processing, keeping the cuticle fully intact. For this reason, Remy hair is an incredibly valuable resource globally.

Take Advantage of Pauline’s Extensive Custom Hair Line

Our extensive product line puts the choice directly in your hands. Whether you want density, fullness, luster, blendability or manageability, Pauline’s has the custom hair you’ve been craving. We don’t deal with anything less than 100% virgin Remy.

Pauline's Human Hair has had the pleasure of being in business for over 20 years. We’ve grown our brand from a one-shop op to a multiple location company with national capabilities. We provide bulk human hair, machine wefted hair, hair extensions, custom hair, clip-in extensions, custom hair supplies, and more!

The choice should be easy by now. Contact Pauline’s Hair today and let’s get started on a more dynamic look.



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