Hair Extensions

When it comes to Hair Extensions -- it’s important to get it right the first time! It can be hard to find a reputable service with products that make you look great. Most companies are just looking to make the sale, but we genuinely want to make you look and feel your best!

Make a Full Transportation without a Huge Commitment

Have you ever wanted to look totally different? You can do it in an instant with Pauline’s! We offer Pauline’s Human Hair products, hair extensions that are hand-crafted to last and give you the look you need to make your next big splash. Where do you want to arrive and how do you want to arrive? Pauline’s Human Hair specializes in quality hair extensions, offering a variety of options when it comes to length, selection, and style.

A Comprehensive Human Hair Extension Collection

From the finest in Eurasian to Brazilian human hair, we spare no expense and put an unprecedented amount of effort into delivering you the most quality products on the market. Our human hair wigs come free of tangles, full cuticle -- 100% Remy Human Hair. Another added benefit: our wigs won’t shed on you.

Now Shipping Nationwide!

We offer nationwide shipping for those of you outside metro areas. Just because you don’t live in the big city doesn’t mean you can’t look like you could rock a big city.

Our hair extensions come in 4 different methods for maximum styling:

  • Weaving -- creating small cornrows (also called “tracks”) on the scalp, then sewing real human hair, integrating it onto the cornrows. It’s the most frequently used method and it’s been around the longest for hair extension applications.
  • Braiding -- This is done by adding human hair while braiding the client’s own hair. There are a number of ways to apply extensions using the braiding method.
  • Strand By Strand -- The strand-by-strand method is executed by adding human hair to the hair you already have. We use a protein-based adhesive for secure application. We have industry-specialized equipment (like bonding tools) that give us the ability to gently attach human hair to every 1/4″ section of your existing hair.
  • Bonding -- The bonding method is the fastest and simplest option available to you. But we’d never call it basic! We apply an adhesive to the weft of the extension hair, placing directly onto the scalp -- right at the root of your existing hair.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Pauline’s Human Hair with Questions

Care to learn more? Give us a buzz today. Even though we live in a DIY culture, we know some of this stuff can be overwhelming. That’s why we make ourselves available -- if you have any questions, just give us a call today and we’ll get started on your beauty transformation. There’s no need to wait to look your best anymore with Pauline’s Hair!



We Ship to All 50 States