Human Hair Wigs

When it comes to Human Hair Wigs -- remember to remain skeptical!

Why? Because most hair nowadays, even if labeled “Virgin” or “Remy” is rarely actual authentic Virgin Remy.

It’s a staggering fact that just about 90% of all human hair used for wigs and extensions is made from processed hair from China. In some cases product marketed as “Real” or “Virgin” can be mixed with synthetic fibers. Some even have animal fibers! Stop paying top dollar for third rate “human” hair wigs. How? Just switch to Pauline’s, an ethical human hair wig and front lace wig provider.

The reason you should invest in real Remy human hair (whether it’s a front-lace wig, weave, or Remy hair extension) is because these cheap substitutes are easy to damage and too weak to handle the heat. By “heat,” we mean simple processes like styling and color applications, which you should be able to do after paying for the real thing, right?

If you’re tired of falling for shady tactics, you’re not wrong to feel that way. That’s why Pauline’s Hair handcrafts our human hair wigs from single-drawn hair gleaned from a specific donor. We offer all different types of Indian  human hair wigs, front lace wigs included.

Pauline’s Uses Only the Finest Indian Hair

Indian hair is dense and light-catching -- it’s science! Well, actually, it’s genetics. Indian hair is actually as diverse as India’s rich heritage and culture. Different regions yield different textures and volumes, from straight to wavy or curly hair, all of which are within your reach right now.

Pauline’s virgin Indian hair comes in multiple textures, tones, and can achieve a seamless, 100% natural look. It’s highly stylible for a bold, daring look. Since we use virgin Remy Indian hair, we don’t have to undergo any of the chemical treatments or harsh processing that imposters seem to want to keep championing. That makes us more eco-friendly than our competitors! Go green with Pauline’s!

We take all our products through a rigorous quality check. If a product has a defect of any sort we don’t send it out! We even wash and condition our Remy human hair wigs and extensions before we ship them out to you.

Interested yet? We don’t blame you. Contact Pauline’s Hair today and let’s make some intelligent moves to create a more dynamic you.



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