Remy Hair

Choosing hair extensions and wigs can often be an overwhelming decision to make. There’s Eurasian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian -- no wonder some people get overwhelmed!

Then there’s Remy and everything else. Trust us, you want Remy hair, whether it’s Remy hair extensions, wigs, or weaves.

Handcrafted Remy Hair Extensions

Pauline’s Hair makes the process simple and easy for our clients. We offer multicultural, multi-textural virgin Remy hair extensions from India  --  which remain the top-tier regions for thick, silky, luxurious locks.


Wish you had more genetically-endowed hair? You’re not alone. Our clients are looking for density and radiance, which is why we use Malaysian and Indian hair for their distinct diversity. That means you get the benefit of having straight, wavy or curly hair -- whatever you choose! Virgin Indian Remy hair comes in all different textures and can achieve a seamless, natural look.

Stick with the styles that have worked for you in the past or pull off a daring new look without undergoing harsh chemical treatments that won’t guarantee to achieve the same effect.

Avoid Shady Human Hair Suppliers

There’s a large number of “human” hair suppliers who are using non-remy hair and making customers pay top dollar without telling them. It’s a trap!

Shady human hair dealers have an interesting treatment process, too. They soak the hair in acid to strip its cuticle. The abuse doesn’t stop there, either. They’ll chemically process the hair for texture, then put it through coloring with harsh chemical dyes. Then they’ll coat the hair with silicone -- which will give it a quick and easy ‘tangle free' effect that washes off all too quickly. They slap the word “Remy hair” on it and you’re left with a whack, stiff, matted mess of mop.

Pauline’s Commitment to Quality

Every single one of Pauline’s Hair products go through a rigorous quality check. If we find a product to be defective in any way, we don’t send it out! We also wash and condition our Remy human hair wigs and Remy human hair extensions before shipment.

Pauline’s also provides clients with aftercare advice when it comes to maintaining Remy hair and Remy hair extensions, which we recommend building into a daily practice.

So… what do you have lose? A head-turning new style, that’s what. Call Pauline’s Hair today for 100% Remy hair extensions and more./



We Ship to All 50 States