Short, kinky, curly -- nope this isn’t a fake Tinder profile, it’s Pauline’s Human Hair!

Whether you have baby fine hair and you’re looking to pump up the volume or you’re just tired of looking at the same tamed mop of hair, we have your back with 100% Remy human hair wigs.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than 100% Virgin Remy Hair Wigs

People with style don’t have time for anything less than real and natural when it comes to wigs, weaves, and human hair extensions. Paulina’s Hair uses real human hair -- Remy Indian hair to be exact!

Beautiful, silky, thick luminous locks are abundant in India, which is where the best Remy hair in the world comes from.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair happens to be considered the finest in all the land -- it’s quality is unmatched because cuticles are kept intact and never stripped. Remy Hair never gets caught slippin’.

Neither does Pauline’s Hair, where we handcraft our real Remy human hair wigs, ensuring hair cuticle preservation through each step of our meticulous process. We align hair cuticles in a unidirectional way that makes our wigs look 100% natural to the human eye.

More on Pauline’s Hair Remy Wigs

We craft Indian wigs, weaves, and hair extensions. Indian hair is simply gifted with genetically-endowed density, not to mention radiance that really pops when the light hits it. Indian hair also has the added benefit of being as diverse as its fascinating culture and region.

Depending on where you are in India, either straight, wavy, or curly hair will be the norm. When it comes to Virgin Remy Indian Hair, there are multiple textures available to achieve a natural, seamless look that results in an authentic transformation.

So, what’s your style?

Are you looking to for more of the same that’s been working for you, or are you looking to go with a bold, new look? Virgin Indian hair wigs, extensions, and weaves can do it all without the commitment and without any chemical treatment or processing whatsoever. The result: a dangerous array of head-turning styles that make an easy first step towards getting exactly what you want, when you want it!

Trust the Process…

Pauline’s Hair is overly dedicated to perfection -- but never to a fault. From construction right down to the coloring process, we’ve perfected our Remy hair wig production into something our customers can easily rely on.

We take all our products through a rigorous quality check. If a product has a defect of any sort -- we don’t send it out! We even wash and condition our Remy human hair wigs and extensions before we ship them out to you.

Pauline’s is now shipping nationally, too. Give us a call today and let’s start on your transformation with the quickness.



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